Three men are heading to trial on charges after a shooting at a Crawford County party in June.

A judge bound over all charges against Stephen Kozak, 26, of Meadville, during a preliminary hearing Thursday morning. He fired the fatal shot, investigators said.

Brandon Frantz, 19, and Tyquil Munson, 20, both of Meadville, waived their rights to a preliminary hearing. Prosecutors also agreed to drop the charge of conspiracy to commit criminal homicide for Frantz.

State Police were called to a remote, wooded area off Teepleville Road in Athens Township around 2:30 a.m. June 4.

Troopers said when they arrived, a large crowd was dispersing. They estimate around 100 or more people were drawn to the party.

A fight broke out, and Kozak fired the handgun, according to State Police.

Witnesses said two to four shots were fired.

Jimmy Johnson, 21, was killed after he was hit with a bullet in the chest and abdomen, according to the Crawford County Coroner.

Friends drove Johnson to Meadville Medical Center, but he was pronounced dead in the emergency room.

The coroner ruled Johnson's death as a homicide after an autopsy.

Frantz provided the pistol to Kozak at the party, drove Kozak from the scene after the shooting, and tampered with and tried to remove the serial number from the handgun, investigators said. State Police have recovered the murder weapon, which they say was found in pieces in a rural area.

While searching the Frantz's home in West Mead Township for evidence, troopers found an indoor marijuana grow operation, along with multiple firearms and drug paraphernalia, State Police told Erie New Now.

Munson cleaned or scrubbed evidence present on the murder weapon - a Highpoint 9mm pistol, according to State Police.

He also possessed and pointed the loaded gun at multiple people at the party while yelling threatening remarks, investigators said.

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