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Erie Holds Vigil for Charlottesville

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Erie holds rally for Charlottesville Erie holds rally for Charlottesville

Here in Erie and across the nation, people turned out for vigils to condemn hatred and to show support for victims of the violence that took place at an "alt-right" rally and counter-demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia Saturday.

About 200 people gathered in Perry Square at 2:30 Sunday afternoon, in an event that organizers called a "vigil for those who stood against hate in Charlottesville."

The gathering was organized by the local chapter of Keystone Progress.

The battle between white nationalists and counter-protesters in Charlottesville stemmed from the city's decision to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee. It led not only to the death of a protester, and other injured by the car that plowed into the crowd. But to the death of two state police troopers monitoring the events, who were killed when their chopper crashed.

Local Keystone Progress members were meeting Saturday when the story first hit their phones. Alayna Getchell, President of Keystone Progress said, "What happened yesterday was just deplorable so we have to rally together as a community as a country to really show that America is about acceptance.  When you see the car plow into the crowd it brings tears to everyone's eyes, and it was just a terrible shock."

Chris Hopper came out to support the vigil, he said, "This woman who passed away, the people hurt, the law enforcement trying to keep the two sides apart, they are defending our right as Americans and what Americans stand for, for justice and equality for all."

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