Testimony has begun in the trial against an Erie man, whose arrest led to a federal investigation into the Erie Police Department.

On Tuesday, during opening statements, prosecutors said the evidence presented during the trial will convince the jury to find Montrice Bolden, 42, guilty of all charges.

Meanwhile, the defense said that the officers involved in Bolden’s arrest will lie when they testify.

Bolden is accused of aggravated assault and attempting to disarm officer.

The incident happened last June, outside of TJ’s Tavern.

Erie News Now was the first news outlet to show you the surveillance of his arrest, which will serve as a main piece of evidence during his trial.

During the first day of testimony, Erie Police Officers Nick Stadler and Steve DeLuca took the stand.

Both officers testified that they caught Bolden smoking marijuana in his vehicle, in the bar's parking lot.

When they went to arrest him, DeLuca said Bolden threw a lit blunt at his face and attempted to run away.  Officer Stadler testified that Bolden then punched him in the temple.

Prosecutors say a struggle ensued and as several officers attempted to arrest Bolden, an officer's gun magazine fell to the ground.

After a lengthy struggle, and believing that he was armed, Stadler said he began striking Bolden in the face to apprehend him.  Once in handcuffs, Stadler said he felt Bolden attempt to flee, so he threw him on the hood of the car to restrain him.

Today, Bolden's lawyer Thomas Fitzpatrick said that the police involved in Bolden’s arrest had motive to fabricate their story, due to the injuries that he suffered during this incident.

Defense attorney Kevin Mincey said that Bolden’s face cracked a police cruiser’s windshield.

However, a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into Bolden’s arrest concluded that the officers’ actions were justified.

Testimony will continue Wednesday morning.