After several days of testimony, the fate of an Erie man charged with assaulting two police officers is now in the hands of a jury.

On Thursday, the jury began deliberations in the trial against 42-year-old Montrice Bolden.

He's facing charges of aggravated assault and attempting to disarm an officer.

The case centers on Bolden’s arrest from last June, outside of TJ's Tavern.

Erie News Now was the first news outlet to show you surveillance video of his arrest, which led to a federal investigation of the Erie Police Department.

Throughout the trial, the four officers involved in Bolden's arrest testified that they were forced to physically apprehend him, after Bolden threw a lit blunt at one officer and punched another officer in the temple.

Three nurses from UPMC Hamot also testified that Bolden admitted to assaulting the two officers.

In closing arguments, Bolden's lawyers reiterated their defense, saying that the officers had motive to fabricate their story, due to the injuries that Bolden sustained.

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth said that the evidence presented in trial is enough to prove Bolden’s guilt.

The federal investigation against the Erie Police Department determined that the officers use of force was justified.

Deliberations continue Friday morning.