City of Erie voters will head to the polls in less than two months to elect their new mayor.

Democratic candidate Joe Schember says it is crucial for residents to get out and vote with a large shift in leadership coming at a critical time for the city.

"It's considered an off-year election, but this is probably one of the most important as far as affecting our day-to day lives - you know County Executive, Mayor of Erie," said Schember.

Schember is running against Republican candidate John Persinger.

The successful candidate will become the city's first new mayor in 12 years.

While the city heavily consists of registered Democrats, Persinger says he is not concerned. 

"Everyone knows we can't afford 12 more years of the status quo," said Persinger. "They're hungry for new ideas and new energy in City Hall. They don't care if its Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green; they want new ideas and new energy to tackle this issues."

Both candidates have been busy reaching out to voters. 

Although they may be on different party lines, they both agree door-to-door campaigning is the way to go. 

"To me, campaigning is just about meeting people, letting them get to know me a little bit and building that relationship," said Schember. "If I get elected mayor, I really want residents to feel like they can talk to me, and I'll listen to them." 

"The idea is to bring the RV out to the neighborhoods, talk to the residents, hear about their concerns and act upon them," said Persinger. 

Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 7.

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