The race for Erie County Executive is heating up, as Republican challenger Art Oligeri outlined the key focus of his campaign. Oligeri says, if elected, ethics and transparency will play a major role in his administration.

Oligeri says a sign he brought to Perry Square sums up his campaign theme very well.  The sign says Oligeri will bring ethics to Erie County, and it's time for Erie County to "turn on the lights."  Oligeri criticized incumbent County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper, saying Dahlkemper told taxpayers that a recent change in the county pay scale would cost $500,000 in raises to employees.  Oligeri says the change will cost $1.3 million.

:"Whenever you talk about informing the county, you need to be transparent. You need to be able to communicate clearly to them what you're doing and how much it's actually going to cost.  She did neither of those things," he said.

Oligeri also criticized a Dahlkemper plan to spend $52,000 to market the skills of GE workers scheduled to be laid off.  He says the state already does that. He also blasted the executive for allowing a rule to stand that permits county employees to contribute to their bosses political campaign.

Dahlkemper, when later asked to comment on her opponent's criticism, said she is waiting for Oligeri to talk more about himself.

"So, we're 48 days away from Election Day, and I find it interesting that the Republican opponent hasn't actually told us anything about what he is going to do, and what are his plans. In fact, what he is doing instead is personal attacks," she said.

Oligeri has hired the same campaign advisor that helped Dan Laughlin to a victory over incumbent State Senator Sean Wiley last year. Laughlin also started his campaign aggressively attacking his opponent.