Saint Vincent Hospital is officially moving forward with the second phase of a $115 million expansion.

On Wednesday, Saint Vincent President Dr. Chris Clark unveiled plans to establish a new $9.5 million AHN Women and Infants Center.

The center will be located on the hospital's fifth floor and will house new labor and postpartum patient rooms.

There will also be a new family-friendly reception area and renovated corridors, complete with state-of-the-art nursing stations.

"We're improving the accommodations, said Dr. Clark.  We recognize how important it is for the women of this community, so we're very, very pleased to be making this investment."

The new women and infants center is the second phase of the $115 million expansion project.

“The new unit is just one component of making sure that we are providing the best care possible,” said Dr. Allan Klapper of Allegheny Health Network.  “We duplicate the same type of services that are offered in Pittsburgh and that region, up here in the Erie community."

Along with the expansion project, the company also announced that for the first time since 2015, they've been able to post a profit.

"We have had $1.2 million in profitability this year,” said Dr. Clark.  “So, on top of all the work that's going on with the construction and investments here, this is definitely a good time for us."

Saint Vincent Hospital hopes to wrap up construction on the new womens center by next summer.