After being accused of violating the county's purchasing code, Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper says that her administration has done nothing unlawful.

Dahlkemper is asking Erie County Council to approve funding for the Up for the Job initiative.

The program is aimed at drawing companies to Erie County, by marketing our skilled workers who are seeking employment.

The request for proposal (RFP) is for $102,000.

Dahlkemper says the county would only provide $50,000 in funding, while the rest of it would be covered by other contributors.

But in a letter sent to Erie County Council members, Erie County Controller Mary Schaaf said that the RFP bid violates the county's purchasing code, due to the fact that it was originally submitted at $36,000.

“We were never going to ask the county for that much,” said Dahlkemper.  “We actually have partners that are looking to fund a big portion of this, and so we were going to the county for $50,000 to get it moving, and to get it rolling, and to get our partners in and we were never going to go back to the county for more money.”

Erie County Council is set to vote on the $36,000 RFP on Tuesday.