This week;s Friday Night Feature, Erie News Now focused their attention on something that's more than just another sport; it's an art form.

Lakettes & Lakers Gymnastics Academy is one of Erie's most profound places to develop skills in gymnastics. The sport requires focus, precision, control, dance, and grace, all artfully choreographed together to creative impressive and competitive routines.

The gym is most notably known for gymnast, Josh Karnes, who is expected to compete in future Olympics.

Aside from Karnes bringing fame and recognition to the facility, other students and coaches are also making Lakettes one of the best.

In addition to gymnastic, Lakettes also offers boxing, parkour, cheernastics, and even classes geared specifically for students with special needs.

An array of classes are offered on all levels for all ages. Students even have the opportunity to compete competitively. Developing skills through gymnastics also advances kids motor skills, social skills, among a multitude of other health benefits. 

If you'd like to learn more about what Lakettes & Lakers Gymnastics Academy has to offer and inquire their class schedules, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook