A local business is reaching a major milestone that is cause for celebration.  For the past 75 years, Eriez has been a business leader in the community.

What started as a small business in 1942, Eriez has transformed into a global one.  Orange Fowler Merwin founded the company to help farmers separate metal from their feed through magnets.

 "Eriez from its start 75 years ago has grown to almost 1000 people and we're operating in about 12 countries around the world, says president and CEO, Tim Shuttleworth.

However, the largest plant is still right here in Erie.  Thats where Jack Stromenger worked for over 30 years, retiring 17 years ago.

"I don't know where the times gone.  Even the 34 years that I worked at Eriez it just seemed to fly by...and I thought this was wonderful.  75 years of being in business, you know, not many businesses last that long, Jack says.

There's been one thing that's been consistent in the entire 75 years of Eriez, and that's what Tim credits the success to, his employees.

"We're committed to the Erie community.  We've been fortunate that we take most of hires out of the Erie community, out of the local schools. So, Erie's always provided us a quality workforce and we're committed to staying in Erie, Tim explains.

Tim also says it helps that Erie people are hearty, and theyre willing to show up to work no matter the weather.

He and the rest of the Eriez team invited former and current workers back for a 75th anniversary party.  Jack says they always throw great parties, but thats not the only reason why he thinks Eriez has been able to stick around for so long.

"New products they come out with over the years, they're always improving in new products, he says.

"Now we're coming into a nice period where the commodity markets are recovering and our product development work is just being launched.  So, we're going to have a bright several years ahead, says Tim.