Hundreds came out to the 12th annual Her Times 5K Walk/Run to show a little women empowerment.

For Erie resident Angie Ganosky, this race meant proving to people that anything is possible.

"I want to show other women and other people that it's each person's journey and it is what you make it," Ganosky said.

She referring to her fight against cancer. She's overcome cancer not once, but four times.

"I've had colon cancer twice stage three and stage four and right in the middle of that I had breast cancer and cervical cancer diagnoses," she said.  

She decided to take part in the event to prove she's not a quitter and inspire others.

"Every day you get better and stronger and there's just more fight out there," Ganosky said. "There's more life to be lived every single day."

 Whether you're battling cancer or any type of struggle, Race Director Heather Cass said this race lets you know that there are always people cheering you on.

"Running gives you a community, and all of these people to get to know," Cass said. "We're so much stronger when we're together and we support each other."