As the scene in Las Vegas unfolds, Erie News Now spoke with a local resident who was less than a mile away from the mass shooting.

Ryan Kubiak was on his way back from dinner when the shooting took place.  He was placed on lockdown in his MGM Grand hotel, only a mile away from the Mandalay Bay.

He began recording the incident on his phone, but quickly had to stop.

I was taking a Snapchat video of all the panic but then I had to stop recording because all of a sudden.  Everybody that was behind me literally started sprinting in our direction.  So we dropped our bags, jumped over the counter, just people everywhere, Ryan says.

He continues, We came back after we were in lockdown and, we came back to where we were.  When they first started coming in they were missing their shoes, a bunch of people that were barefoot coming from the festival that just came into the hotel, that's right across the strip.  Bunch of people were barefoot and a couple people were bloodied up."

He says he heard people yelling, "Shooter! Shooter!"

Ryan was trying to get an Uber to the airport, but wasn’t successful.

He says he never felt threatened, but just a lot of confusion.

He says he’s safe, and will be staying a friend’s house until he can get a flight back to the area.