Police have filed homicide charges against a man in the June strangulation death of a woman on Erie's east side.

Justin Glover, 26, is charged with criminal homicide, first-degree murder, aggravated assault, strangulation, possession of an instrument of crime, unlawful restraint causing serious bodily injury and tampering with physical evidence.

Glover broke into his neighbor's upstairs apartment near East 27th and Holland on June 2 where he assaulted, bound and strangled Anita Jones, 26, according to police.

Police were called to the home around 10:08 a.m. and found Jones lying face down on the living room floor. Her hands were bound behind her back with a cord that appeared to be cut from electrical equipment in the apartment, according to the criminal complaint. A similar cord was wrapped around her neck several times, detectives said.

Jones died a day later at the hospital from ligature strangulation, according to the coroner.

Her mother went to the home when she had not heard from Jones and discovered her daughter unconscious.

The mother, Anita Beason, called the victim around 7:23 a.m. but was unable to reach her, the criminal complaint said. She went to the house and was let into the main door for the apartments by Glover, police said.

Beason got into the second floor apartment through a closed but unsecured door and found Jones, according to the criminal complaint. Investigators said there were not signs of forced entry at either door, and witnesses said they did not observe anyone arrive or leave the residence before Beason arrived.

Jones' children, ages three and five, were found inside the home.

Detectives said they talked to Glover the day after Jones was found unconscious. He gave a false name and stated he did not live in the residence, which investigators determined was not true, according to the criminal complaint.

Erie Police Chief Don Dacus says DNA evidence that just came back was crucial to Monday's arrest, "Primarily there was a sweatshirt that was recovered from the garbage from within his residence that he acknowledged was his," said Chief Dacus. "It was damaged and it had stains on it, we waited for those stains to come back form serology for DNA testing and it did prove that the DNA on the sweatshirt belonged to Anita Jones," Chief Dacus continued.

The sweatshirt had cuts, and the front pocket was torn off, according to the criminal complaint.

Glover told police he and the victim did not have any physical contact, according to the criminal complaint. He also provided an alibi for the morning of the homicide, which detectives said they determined were false.

Erie Police Chief Don Dacus says there have been six homicides in Erie this year, and Monday's arrest means police have solved all six of them, "we're six for six this year, we're batting 100%," said Chief Dacus. "It's great work by these detectives and our ID guys and I think it should send a message quite clearly to everyone in this city that if you're going to commit a crime here or a murder, we're going to solve it and we're going to come for you," Dacus continued.

Millcreek Police arrested Glover in March 2016 for rape, sexual assault, criminal trespass, simple assault and terroristic threats in another case.

He was found not guilty of those charges at a trial, in September of 2016.

At the time of his arrest Monday, he was in the Erie county prison on a bench warrant on unrelated charges, including rape and simple assault.

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