The  weather may still be warm and sunny, but local PennDOT crews are starting to prepare for winter.

Today, crews were busy starting to mount plows and spreaders on the 38 trucks that will be used to clear state roads and interstate highways.

The preparations will last all month long, so PennDOT is ready for snow by November 1st.

PennDOT's annual budget for snow removal in Erie County is nearly $5.3 million.

That includes hundreds of thousands of gallons of brine, and a huge amount of salt.

Much of the salt has already been put in stockpiles.

PennDOT Erie County Assistant Manager Tom Mello said, "We have 16,000 tons on hand. We average 28,000 tons a season. As time progresses, our vendors will continually bring us. But we will have an initial fill by the end of October, then we will go from there."

Drivers can get a lot of information about winter road conditions on a new free cell phone application unveiled last year.

It is PA 511.