It's an exciting time for an Erie family.
More than four months after a child was hit by a vehicle in a tragic accident, he returned home Tuesday.

Jazarion Paul spent the past four months in Pittsburgh, recovering from critical injuries he suffered on May 28th.

He was hit by an SUV on the Bayfront Parkway, but the vehicle just kept going, "I went to Burger King, then a ball went into the street, then I went to go get it, then the car hit me," said Jazarion.

He was unconscious for 40 days, with a ventilator keeping him alive.

His family said doctors kept telling them that he would never live a quality life, and they should let him go, "When we first got there, they told us he wasn't going to make it three hours, and then when he got past those three hours, they told us that he wasn't going to make it (at all). And they kept telling us for three weeks, they kept coming in every day and said that we should let him go, he's not going to make it," said Tiffany Johnson, Jazarion's grandmother. "They told us that we would never hear him speak, he would never be able to breathe on his own, eat on his own, he won't walk, he would be in a nursing home the rest of his life so we should just let him go. We kept telling them we have faith, you don't have the last word," Johnson said, as her grandson spoke in the background about his party, celebrating his recovery.

After months in rehab at the Children's Institute in Pittsburgh, Jazarion learned how to speak and eat, and his family is hopeful he will walk again on his own, "I'm just happy and ready to get settled in and get adjusted to my new life with him," said Jazarion's mother, Jaquayea Wayne.

His family said his recovery and return home just more than four months after the accident, is nothing short of a miracle, "I was asleep for 40 days... and I woke up, God woke me up," said Jazarion.

Erie police have not been able to track down the SUV that hit Jazarion.