Millcreek school director, Donna Reese has served as a board member of the Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit (IU5) for the last two years. However, the executive director recently asked for her to be replaced, citing her attendance.

Erie News Now spoke with the IU5 Executive Director, Dean Maynard yesterday by phone and he tells us their policy states, you cannot miss more than two consecutive meetings.

Maynard says, ever since he took over as director in March, Reese has phoned in every meeting and has yet to attend a meeting in person. Maynard was concerned about the attendance issue so he contacted the Millcreek School Board via letter asking for them to replace her.

Millcreek is required to appoint one of their directors to the IU5 board.

The reason Donna Reese is not able to attend these meetings, she currently lives in Florida full time. She's is only able to stay on the Millcreek School Board because she maintains a mailing address locally.

Reese attends most Millcreek School Board meetings via phone, the last one she attended in person was back in July.
Erie News Now spoke with Reese yesterday, she says this was never an issue before and says this is only coming up because it’s election season.

“I call into meetings when I’m not able to be there, I go back and from between Erie and Florida, which everybody knows,” said Donna Reese.

“It has not been an issue for two years and its election time and all the sudden it became issue with Lou Aliota and Mike Kobylka so that’s my comment,” Reese added.

Erie News Now also reached out to Bill Hall for comment on the matter. Hall says, he is aware of the letter from IU5 and they are taking action to replace her. When the issue was brought up, hall said Reese stepped down from the position.

Millcreek has a similar policy that IU5 has stating that you cannot miss more than two consecutive meetings in a row. However, hall says he does not have an issue with Reese dialing in to the meetings.