In an effort to tackle blight, Erie city council takes steps to clear up the city's rules and regulations regarding high grass and gardens.

On Wednesday, Council agreed to look into the city's Alternative Lawn Ordinance.

We're starting to see more of those urban gardens pop up around the city. But as the city works to crack down on blight and high grass issues, they're finding the laws are vague in the current ordinance.

So, the city's planning commission is now going to look into the city rules to get a clearer picture of what is considered blight, "I think it's mainly addressing the issue of urban gardens," said City Council President Cas Kwitowski. "What is an urban garden? What can people plant in their yards? And what is normal what is not. It'll hopefully, along with the comprehensive plan it'll address the issue of blight. What's blight what's not blight, what's a garden what's not a garden," Kwitowski continued.

The planning commission is just looking into the issue, if they recommend any changes to the law, it will have to go before council for a final vote.