Pennsylvania is interested in developing a workforce for the future. For that reason, an official from the Wolf Administration today visited Erie to learn how one company is reaching out to potential employees.  Some of those job candidates are not even old enough to drive.

For the past seven years, Lord Corporation has been courting students in grades 5 through 8, trying to interest them in becoming the engineers of the future.
State officials are interested in what the company has been doing.

Governor Wolf sent his Deputy Secretary of Labor and Industry, Eileen Cipriani, to Lord Corporation today to find out all she can about Lord's outreach in area schools. Lord Corporation has visited one school in Northwestern Pennsylvania in each of the past seven years.  The company doesn't just send a speaker, it sends a team of engineers who conduct hands-on activities in STEM subjects,STEM standing for science, technology, engineering, and math. All of the activities relate to the products that are manufactured at Lord, which include products for aerospace companies and the Department of Defense. Lord even had a helicopter land at each of the schools.

Over 3,000 kids have taken part in the program since 2011, and many of them have written thank-you cards saying  they never thought about working at a place like Lord Corporation until the company visited their school.  Cynthia Reid, Staff Engineer, says it's never too early to recruit future employees.

"You really have to start, especially by 5th Grade to make sure that they're seeing the benefits of STEM education. Sometimes it seems like it's too hard, the math and the science.  But if you can show them how exciting it is that you can have really great careers, you encourage them to stick with it and that's what we try to do," Reid said.