Long-time racing fan Ron Sorvelli placed his bets Wednesday night. His birthday, his mom's and his dads. 

"I pick my families birthday, and numbers that I play, and then I play a horse to win. Usually, my parent's birthdays and mine come out more than my handicapping skills," said Sorvelli.

Sorvelli was enjoying one of the final horse race nights of the season at Presque Isle Downs and Casino. 

He thought it was a good race season, pleased that the numbers of horses in a race have increased, with many nights having as many as 12 horses in a race.

"You always want bigger fields in races, so betting opportunities are better," Sorvelli explained.

Gary Potter, another racing fan, hasn't missed a day of racing since June 26th, 2012. With 100 days of racing a year, that's nearly 600 racing days in a row he has spent at the racetrack. He too, was pleased with this season. 

"With two days left, I've made money for the year. So I won't lose money, because I got enough ahead,' said Potter.

Both men have their favorite things about horse racing. For Sorvelli, it's the thrill.

"You have tickets in your hands that you've bought, and the horses are running around, and you hope that yours are going to come out first, or first and second, or first and second and third," said Sorvelli.

For potter, it's the people."Just in the years I've been here, I don't know how many people I've met. We'll sit and gather, the whole thing. It's a family atmosphere," said Potter.

As for next season, Potter said god-willing he'll be here.

"I've got to, I can't stop it now," he said.

The last day to catch the races is Thursday at 5:25 p-m, there will be two stakes races as well.