It's been a little more than a month since a new school opened in the City of Erie. Mother Teresa Academy is currently filling the void temporarily, in the former Holy Family School.  

The new building the students will soon be moving into is the old Cathedral Center Elementary on West 11th street after some much needed renovations are complete.

Erie News Now had a chance to walk through the school Wednesday and talk to some of the students and staff, they say things couldn't be going better.

The new "mission school" is being operated by Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy.

Mother Teresa Academy is offering a low-income tuition assistance program, where many of the students are only paying $500 or less per year. The program is made possible by many generous donations.

Demand for the new school is also extremely high, the school is already at capacity with almost 200 students and has a wait list over 100.

The entire school is excited to transition over to their new building after the holidays, but administrators says they are glad to see their vision taking off.

“With this school serving some of the most distressed areas of our city, we’re and providing an excellent catholic education our families are now having a need met,” said Fr. Scott Jabo.

“We’re providing an education that will change their lives and give them opportunities that they wouldn't normally have otherwise,” Jabo added.

The students are set to move into their new building in January.