Many shoppers get a sneak peak inside a brand new store at the Millcreek Mall.

The new Boscov's store hosted a gala preview day on Thursday, for charity.

Shoppers purchased a $5 ticket from one of 129 non-profit organizations in Erie county.

The money goes right to the charities, and shoppers get an early look at the store and the deals, "We've got a whole lot of people here, and I think that says a lot about the community, that you've got so many non-profits that take care of the community," said Jim Boscov, CEO of Boscov's.

This is the 46th store the family-owned business has opened, "The size works to our advantage because we get to know everybody and we also get to teach that culture, that family culture. So we talk about the Boscov family is a very large family of about 10,000 people," said Boscov. "Erie is our kind of town, it is a market that we think will understand what a Boscov's is and will be supportive," Boscov continued.

Boscov's hired 300 new employees to work at their Millcreek Mall location, "When we hire, we hire people that like people. One of the things I think that differentiates us from other stores is we have workers on the floor to help you. They're knowledgeable, they're here to serve and provide good service," said Boscov.

And it's those employees that Boscov says sets their store apart from other brick and mortar stores.

Boscov's is opening at the Millcreek Mall, at a time when the retail industry is changing. The CEO credits their broad range of product and good prices for their success, but again, he says it's their employees that really sets them apart, "The key ingredient is customer service.... When you walk into other stores, sometime you have to find somebody to ring something out, I guarantee you wont have that problem here," said Boscov.

Thursday's gala preview was by ticket only, it runs until 9:00 p.m.  The grand opening is Saturday.