One of the most popular animals at the Erie Zoo will soon have some new friends.

The zoo is now in the process of obtaining two new lions.

Contractors and construction crews have been building a brand new lion exhibit.

According to Erie Zoo Director Scott Mitchell says it's going be much larger than the zoo's previous lion display.

It will be located near the building which houses the orangutans.

Crews have expanded and filled in the gorilla moat and will be adding a small pool and streams, along with a brand new viewing area for the public.

Nala--the zoo's only lion--is currently being housed in the zoo's main building.

According to Mitchell, they expect to acquire two new female lions by the end of October.

"The fact that we are going to add some new lions is a big deal, said Mitchell.  Lions have been part of our family since the beginning, literally, and they are one of the favorite animals here and the chances to get up close to them will be a big deal as well."

The zoo is expected to wrap up with construction on the new exhibit by the end of November.