As Fall is in full swing, the deer mating season is as well, this brings the furry ,yet- large animals away from their traditional habitats and closer to your car.

Insurance company State Farm reports that Pennsylvania is third in the nation for frequent deer-related collisions. The probability of a collision to occur is 1 in 63, up seven percent from last year’s figure.

State Farm spokesman, Dave Phillips says that distracted driving can play a big role in some cases

 “Taking your eyes away from that roadway is gonna increase your vulnerability of not scanning completely across the roadways to see if there’s a deer coming.” Phillips said.

October is the 2nd most dangerous month for deer collisions, with November being ranked the worst.

That impact is felt here locally. Victor Irizarry owns Prestige Auto body on West 19th street, he says the damages to the cars can be quite devastating and costly.

We see a lot of deer hits.” Irizarry said. “They’re typically about, you know, 2-3,000 dollars in damages, i mean, they’re pretty hard animals.”

According to Irizarry, his shop typically sees two to three cars per-day during those peak months.

State Farm also reported that insurance claims as a result of the collisions had risen. Of the 1.35 million claims nationally from July of 2016 to June of 2017, Pennsylvania had submitted 141,000.

According to Phillips,  clients could find themselves in more trouble, as some  waive their comprehensive coverage which a deer collision falls under, and that could make a driver liable for everything

“Many instances where people carry the minimum liability required from the state ." said Phillips "In that case you’re also forfeiting collision as well so there’s no coverage period, if you do liability coverage for your vehicle, it’s essentially liability coverage for harm coverage to others.”

To stay safe  during the dangerous months, both Phillips and Irizarry offered some advice

"Slow down, to do the speed limit, to pay attention to the speed.” said Phillips “ because the impact, should you hit that deer at the speed of the rate that you were going will significantly have an effect on the damage that’s going to occur to the car, as well as any injuries that you could incur or to your passenger. And unfortunately, the likelihood of death depending on the speed.”

“Drive with your lights on, be aware.” said Irizarry “If you see a deer, there's usually a couple more around it, if you see dead deers you know that's in area that actually deers are running around so, just be aware of the surroundings.”

Phillips also advises to hit the deer directly and to not try and swerve away as it my cause more serious injury to you or another driver.