Ever since the Las Vegas shooting, the gun control debate has taken the main stage, specifically about what to do with bump stocks.

While lawmakers are deciding what action to take on them, many retail stores such as Walmart are actually pulling the product from the shelves even with the demand at an all-time high.

The device has been getting so much publicity after the shooting that people are scrambling to get their hands on them, some fearing they will be outlawed.

The add-on will cost you around $200 and enables your semi-automatic weapon to function like that of a fully automatic weapon.

Walmart said that they have decided to pull the item from their store. The company said in a statement that “the products never should have been sold on its site, and that they were sold by third-party sellers.”

Cabela’s was also among the retail stores to drop the product, as was Amazon who actually prohibits the sale of "bump firing devices, stocks, and kits.”

Two major online retailers “Bump Fire Systems” and “Slide Fire” both have suspended the sale of the device due to high demand.

As lawmakers continue the debate on what to do, the NRA has already indicated it would support regulations on use of the device.