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Parents React to Threat Posted on Social Media

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Both the Erie School District and Cathedral Prep took swift action to notify parents of the threat. The message from administrators also notes they believe there is "no danger" to prep students. However, parents were allowed to keep their child home from school if they were uncomfortable. 

Erie News Now spoke to several parents picking up their children at Erie High School after school.

Some parents first heard about the threat from social media sites like Facebook, but soon after received a call from the school around seven a.m. letting parents know what had happened, and the measures the school was taking.

These measures included adding police coverage by Erie Police at both Erie High School and Cathedral Prep.

One parent said she was scared sending her two kids to school today, not convinced enough was done. But like she normally does, she texted them throughout the day to make sure they were okay.

Another mother said this stuff does make her nervous, but knowing the student was in custody made her feel relieved and willing to send her kid to school.

"They found him, it was reported to the police department through social media, there's not really not much else they could do," said Elizabeth Geer.

"To me you can never be overprotective, you can never protect your children at any given moment at any given time, it's just not enough," said Yomari Claudio.

The majority of parents did feel the school did a good job alerting them of the threat. 

The Erie School District feels prepared too, just earlier this year, they held a gun drill to prepare for any situation. 

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