Over 100 volunteers took to the streets to help folks in Erie’s Eastside be ready in case a fire starts in their home.  The Red Cross and Erie Insurance teamed up for the initiative called “Sound the Alarm.”

Volunteer Dave Morneau just got back from Florida with the Red Cross this past Tuesday.  He spent time helping victims of Hurricane Irma.  Three weeks before then, he was in Texas helping Harvey victims.

Without hesitation, Dave is back helping the Red Cross with Sound the Alarm.

"I joined almost 10 years ago, this is what I do, I help people, he says.

The U.S. Army vet and volunteer firefighter went out with other volunteers to educate folks about fire safety and install smoke alarms.

"It's in my nature, it's something I want to do, Dave says.

For those Dave is helping, they’re appreciative.

"God be willing nothing ever happen, I mean, how was I going to know?  So, the fact that the Red Cross is installing was a big relief, says new dad, Jose Resto.

Every 40 minutes someone in the U.S. is injured by a fire.  With the Red Cross installing smoke alarms, it’s just one way they can prevent the disaster.

"Sixty-five percent of deaths happen in homes that don't have smoke alarms.  And believe it or not, fire kills more people each year than huge disasters do in accumulation of years, says Pam Masi, executive director of the Red Cross of Northwestern Pennsylvania.

For a volunteer that witnessed natural and fire disasters first-hand, Dave knows the importance of having fire safety measures in place.

"They've only got 2 minutes to get out. And if we can save one family with a smoke alarm, then we did our job, Dave says.

That’s why Jose is grateful for volunteers, like Dave.

  "I'm real thankful for the Red Cross, and like I said, it's all about the safety of [my daughter] and it makes me and Dana rest easier and more secure, says Jose.

The Red Cross’s goal was to install 700 free alarms.