A local event brings thousands of students and manufacturers together, to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.

It was Manufacturing Day at the Bayfront Convention Center.

More than 2,000 students from Erie, Crawford, Warren, Venango and Mercer counties attended.

Erie's Manufacture and Business Association hosts the event every year, to get kids interested in manufacturing and to see the opportunities that are out there.

The Erie area continues to see a shortage of skilled laborers.
So the purpose of Manufacturing Day is to get kids inspired with manufacturing, to change that, "The purpose of today is to take these kids that are interested in working with their hands and their minds and showing them all the cool technology that's in today's workplace. They've got an interest and we want to show them the opportunities that are out there, said John Krahe, President and CEO of The Manufacture and Business Association. "It's about engaging them in the process so they can see some of the very same games they play at home are very similar to the technology that they could very well be using in the future," Krahe continued.

More than 50 local and regional manufacturers, as well as local high schools and universities had exhibits at Wednesday's event.