As the investigation into the Las Vegas mass shooting continues, the topic of gun control is taking center stage.

In Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf is calling for bi-partisan support for a state-wide ban on bump stocks.

Investigators say Stephen Paddock, 64, had the devices on 12 of the 23 guns he used in the shooting which killed 58 people and nearly 500 others.

Bump stocks are an attachment that modify semi-automatic guns to mimic fully automatic weapons, allowing the shooter to fire at a much more rapid rate.

Rep. Pat Harkins tells Erie News Now that PA House members are being asked to vote on a piece of legislation that would update the state's definition of "offensive weapons", to include firearm modifications that assist in rapid firing.

The current law bans offensive weapons, which include machine guns, sawed-off shotguns, and grenades.

The new legislation would include a ban on multiburst trigger activators, which includes bump stocks.

Due to the fact that legislators have yet to pass a final state budget, Harkins says hes doesnt expect the bill to be voted on any time soon.