After our story aired last night, we received a flood of phone calls and generous emails to help Alan Poole, the 27-year-old man with special needs who had his bike stolen from him.

Last night, a close friend of the family also set up a fundraising page. 

As of 10:45pm, the page has reached its goal of $1700 in a span of a day.

Today, we caught up with Alan, and his mother, Mary Mattern, who is amazed by the support Alan has received from the community.

"It's overwhelming I didn't think the city of Erie had the people they have, in there that have hearts." Mattern said. "Because i've never seen this much out pour in my whole life. And it's just like overwhelming because everyone wants to help and I'm like, I don't know what to do."

For Alan Poole, riding his bike five houses down and back on West 18th Street was like exploring the world.

The world came to a halt for the 27-year-old who has autism and down syndrome when somebody stole the bike.

"This is his life. Five houses back and forth," said Mary Mattern, Alan's mother. "This is his life. This is his whole existence. How dare you come on my property, in my backyard and take his bike. It's the only thing he has."

For Mattern, the specially-made three-wheel bike may be expensive, but money means nothing compared to the joy it gives her son. 

Alan just celebrated his 27th birthday Wednesday night. The bike was placed behind the home, but when Allen and Mattern went to grab it Thursday morning, the bike was gone.

Alan has only one simple request.

"I miss that bike. I miss it," said Alan. "I just want it back."

Mattern has filed a police report. She has also made several Facebook posts in an effort to find the bike.

If you have know anything about the whereabouts of the bike, Mattern and Allen ask you to call police.

If you would like to continue to make a donation to Alan and his family, you can find the link below.

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