"When I first saw the light I thought it was somebody flashing lights in the neighborhood but then I went out and looked and it was the big sign over there changing from different advertisements lighting my backyard up," said John Braggins, of Millcreek Township.

"I was asleep on the couch and then I realized that the living room was completely lit up in a blue, bright light, and we have awnings too so I thought that was  really strange that it could be that bright still," said Haley Battista, of Millcreek Township. 

Millcreek Township residents off of Peach Street talked about the bright lights flashing from the new LECOM billboard Wednesday night.

People claimed to see the lights in the sky from over a mile away. Drivers also took action when they noticed the distraction.

Other residents and drivers were quick to share their concerns on social media, prompting a quick response by the township.

"So I let our zoning officer know this morning,and he did some research into it, and we do have some minimums and maximums in regards to these billboard signs," said John Groh, Millcreek Township Supervisor.

The zoning officer contacted LECOM, they were aware of the problem. They said originally the brightness intensity was set down, but somehow, crept back up. 

"We have requested that they shut the thing down, and then get somebody in there to do the settings on it, maybe there's a part or component that needs to be replaced," said Groh.

Erie News Now called LECOM Thursday afternoon, while they wouldn't comment on camera, they said they were having their technicians working on the repairs. As of Thursday night, the intensity had dimmed down.