For Mark Dietz and his German Shepherd Sampson, the past week has been filled with grief.

Wednesday morning, Dietz let Samson and his 18-year-old Chihuahua named Precious outside for walk at his Henderson Road home in Millcreek.

“When I called them to come back in, all I heard was our bigger dog barking,” said Dietz.  “Neither of them showed up."

When Samson came back alone, Dietz grabbed a flashlight and a shotgun, and searched the field where they were playing, but ended up finding Precious in his garage.

"When I first found her, she just seemed wet,” said Dietz.  “But when I saw she was bleeding, your heart just sinks."

Dietz then rushed her to the veterinarian.

"They X-rayed her, found she had four broken ribs on one side, two broken ribs on the other side, she was bleeding internally, and had a broken leg." said Dietz.

Dietz was forced to make the difficult decision to put Precious down.

“I was crying,” said Dietz.  "She was just a lover.  She'd always come up and sit on your chest, and want to lick you.  We loved her."

Dietz says the culprits are a couple of wild coyotes, which were captured on his family member’s trail cameras.

Dietz hopes his story will remind other dog owners to stay alert.

“You don't want to put fear in people anymore then what we have already with the way the world is going,” said Dietz.  “You just got to watch your pets.  Watch your family."

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