For Jennifer Overton and her family members, it's a moment they've been anticipating for three years.

"Justice feels served,” said Overton.  “But, you'll never replace a void that's been taken the way it has been taken."

Julian Mickel, the 27-year-old man who admitted to shooting and killing her son Jaree Warren, 24, will now spend an additional nine to 18 years in prison for third-degree murder.

"I'm just happy I got justice for my dad,” said Warren’s 10-year-old son Jaree.  “I'm happy that Julian is put away."

Mickel agreed to the sentence last month, just as he was about to face trial for the third time, for Warren's death.

Mickel admitted to shooting and killing Warren outside a West 18th Street bar, back in December of 2014.

"From day one, Julian Mickel has always been the individual that was the suspect in this case,” said Erie County Assistant District Attorney Michael Garcia.  “There's never been anybody else."

Before he was sentenced, Mickel said he took the plea deal because he felt like his lawyer had given up on him and that he was going to lose.

When Mickel turned to Warren's family and said that he didn't kill Jaree, tempers flared, leading to emotional outbursts from both Mickel's and Warren's family members, forcing Judge John Garhart to clear the courtroom.

"The outburst that did happen, it doesn't matter to me,” said Overton.  “God knows and his will got done today."

Mickel is currently serving six to 12 years in prison for firing a gun at Warren in a separate incident.  Mickel’s new sentence will begin, once he is done serving time in that case.