Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper has announced endorsements from 30 elected local and state officials ahead of next month's election.

Nearly a dozen stopped by Dahlkemper's election headquarters Friday to show their support.

She is seeking her second term and faces Republican challenger Art Oligeri.

Dahlkemper said her experience as a businesswoman, Congresswoman and County Executive makes her the most qualified candidate.

"I'm a hardworker," said Dahlemper. "I care about this community. I love Erie County. I want it to be the place where all of our children and grandchildren can either come back or stay here and have that vibrant future. That's what I'll work for every day. I hope that the voters see my passion and my love for this community and allow me to serve them for four more years."

Her campaign released the following list of endorsements:

  • Hon. Tom Wolf
  • Hon. Bob Casey
  • Hon. Ryan Bizzarro
  • Hon. Flo Fabrizio
  • Hon. Pat Harkins
  • Hon. Andre Horton
  • Hon. Jay Breneman
  • Hon. Fiore Leone
  • Hon. Kathy Fatica
  • Hon. Bob Merski
  • Hon. Jim Winarski
  • Hon. Curtis Jones Jr.
  • Hon. Sonya Arrington
  • Hon. Casimir Kwitowski
  • Hon. Dave Brennan
  • Hon. Mel Witherspoon
  • Hon. Joe Peck
  • Hon. Jack Lee
  • Hon. John Morgan
  • Hon. Brian McGrath
  • Hon. Joyce Savocchio
  • Hon. John Loomis
  • Hon. Ken Gamble
  • Hon. Rick Filippi
  • Hon. Mark DiVecchio
  • Hon. Susan DiVecchio
  • Hon. Teresa Stankiewicz
  • Hon. Mary Jo Campbell
  • Hon. Pat Davis
  • Hon. Alex Gernovich

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