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Millcreek Supervisors Temporarily Suspend Enforcement of Sign Limit Ordinance

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With Election Day less than two weeks away, Millcreek residents no longer have to worry about the number of signs on their property.

Millcreek Supervisors have temporarily suspended the enforcement of the township’s two-sign-per-yard limit, after a lawsuit was filed.

After receiving a violation notice in the mail for having four signs on her property, Nancy Shea filed a federal lawsuit against the township, declaring the restriction as unconstitutional.

Im hoping free speech prevails, said Shea.  These candidates work hard to get elected and this is my way of supporting them, by putting signs in my yard."

Supervisors passed the ordinance earlier this year, limiting the amount of any type of temporary sign placed on a resident's property, to two per yard.

A restriction, that Millcreek Township Supervisor Brian McGrath supports.

Having the community littered with signs is not the way that we want Millcreek to look," said McGrathI think it detracts from the aesthetics of the community.  I think that it could very well impact the property values of the neighbors.  Who wants to have that (signs) out there for months?

As a former zoning and code administrator, Millcreek Township Supervisor John Groh says he does not support the current limit.

“The fact is, I think a majority of people do the right thing,” said Groh.  “When it comes to political signs, the majority of people take them down, they put them back up at a reasonable time and they take them down at a reasonable time.”

Supervisors say the suspension is only temporary, until a judge rules on the motion.

Meantime, Shea tells Erie News Now that she appreciates the supervisors decision, but wants to see a permanent solution.

"The point is, the ordinance needs to be changed, said Shea.  Otherwise, we will be going through this every election cycle."

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