This race for Erie County Executive is heating up and both sides are now definitely taking a negative approach.

This past week, new attack ads began popping up on both sides of the aisle. Things really began to pick up just a few days ago, heading into the final week of the election.

Erie News Now reached out to both camps about the attack ads.

Art Oligeri's campaign said that knocking his small business experience is just par for the course, calling Dahlkemper an elitist and a career politician. They also added that Dahlkemper's efforts to tie him to trump just simply falls flat.

As for Dahlkemper, her campaign had some choice words for Oligeri as well. The incumbent's campaign told me that Oligeri continues to mislead the public, and that he's committed to running a campaign based on negative ads and personal attacks.

Dahlkemper ads talking about Oligeri being a shoe salesman was actually paid for and put out by the state democratic party and not the candidate herself. 

Art Oligeri's ads was paid for by his campaign and was done by a Pittsburgh media company.

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