With election day now just days away, the campaigns are heating up.

The city of Erie mayoral candidates took different approaches Thursday, to reach city voters.

John Persinger rented an airplane, with a banner attached, that flew around the city for several hours Thursday afternoon, "We said from the beginning, this campaign has to be different. We can't keep doing the same old same old we we're going to go bring some new energy some new ideas that's what you're seeing here today," said Persinger.

But Joe Schember stayed grounded.
He spoke with voters, as he went door-to-door, in city neighborhoods, "Just trying to introduce myself to as many people as I can and let them get to know me,  because I really want every resident of Erie to feel they can talk to me if I become Mayor, and there's no better way than if they met me and talk with me a little bit," said Schember.

Both candidates said they are doing all they can, to reach as many voters as possible, before Tuesday.

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