With Election Day less than a week away, both City of Erie mayoral candidates are in the final stages of campaigning before the big day on Tuesday. Earlier today, Democratic candidate, Joe Schember held his final rally at the Performance Artists Collective Alliance with supporters and endorsers in attendance.

Both Schember, and Republican candidate John Persinger spoke with Erie News Now with some final words ahead of the Nov.7 election.

"Every resident of Erie should feel they can talk to me if I become mayor." said Schember "And know that i'll listen to them and take them seriously, I wanna hear all the diversity of opinion, I know I can't make everybody happy, but i'll make every decision based on long-term what is best for Erie."

"We can't afford to do 12 more years of the same old same old, we need new energy and new ideas in City Hall." said Persinger "I think you see it with our campaign, you felt it with our campaign,we've been in your neighborhoods, you know that we can bring change to the city."

As for Persinger, he was present at a campaign-related event yesterday titled "Democrats for Persinger."

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