There is damage all across the region, but the west side of the City of Erie and parts of Millcreek saw some of the worst.

Entire streets were devastated by winds and trees falling.

At West 36th and Greengarden, a tree collapsed and knocked out a fire hydrant. The water there almost knee deep.

Not far away, trees and power lines came down on Oakwood Street

Several blocks away in Haggerty Park, several trees had fallen, and twisted metal was thrown about.

Right by the park at West 32 and Pittsburgh, multiple power poles were snapped.

On Berkeley Road in Millcreek Township, several homes suffered serious damage to their backyards and roofs. The storm brought down even more trees and knocked out power. A piece of ceiling fell on one man, but he was okay.

Jessica Schroeck told Erie News Now part of her back porch was picked clean off the ground. Her garage also suffered damage. She was home at the time of storm and said it sounded like a jet plane had flown through her back yard.

"We came outside and just had seen all this demolished," said Schroeck. "Windows caved in and blown off, and roofs blown off. It was a mess."

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