As the sun came up Monday morning, West Erie and parts of Millcreek Township saw just how bad some of the damage was.

Erie News Now had cameras all over the area as crews began clean up debris and try to restore power.

On 32nd and Pittsburgh Avenue, three major power lines were toppled in the storm. This damage knocked out power to a large number of people in the area. Reports indicate that over four thousand people were without power in Erie and Crawford counties.

In the area of 36th and Auburn, behind Grover Cleveland School, large trees fell blocking the roadways and brought down even more power lines. Penelec is hoping to have most if not all power restored by 11:30 Monday.

The West 26th Street Kmart plaza also took a hard hit. A hole was blow through the store and wind knocked one of the doors of its frame. The Chinese restaurant, Hong Kong also had their front window blown in. They will be closed for the next few days while repairs are made.