Firefighters of the Belle Valley Fire Department didn’t have to go far to deal with the storm damage.

The severe weather on Sunday night, forced surrounding creeks to overflow, filling the department with more than two feet of water.

According to Belle Valley firefighter Ray Bauer, the rushing water brought an abrupt end to a bingo game in the department’s social hall.

"It was right in the middle of bingo,” said Bauer.  “Unfortunately, all the bingo people were in there, and there was a lot of them.”

Along with six flooded cars, ruined carpets, and damaged computers, the floodwaters left behind a thick layer of mud.

"I was shocked,” said Carolyn Power of Erie Restoration Inc.  “It was mud…probably three inches of mud throughout the entire department."

The severe storm is making it a very busy week for Power and the employees of Erie Restoration Inc., who spent hours cleaning the department.

"We probably had about 25 calls yesterday, so we have them on the list,” said Power.  “We're going to go back and do what we can to help them."

The social hall at the Belle Valley Department was supposed to serve as a voting poll on Election Day.  Fortunately, the election office has found a new place for residents to vote.

Residents of Millcreek District’s 1 and 21 can now vote in the gymnasium of Belle Valley Elementary School.

Meantime, volunteers at the Belle Valley Department, which was heavily flooded back in 2009, are grateful that the damage was much less significant, this time around.

"We are in service now,” said Bauer.  “We do have all of our trucks, all our gear was saved this time, and the fire trucks made it out of here to high ground."