The neighborhood in west Erie behind Grover Cleveland School took a real wallop when Sunday's storm system rolled through.

Monday, Erie News Now spoke with residents that said they were thankful they were not hurt, and with help, got busy cleaning up.

Chain saws and tree chippers could be heard buzzing from west Erie and across Pittsburgh Avenue into Millcreek.  One span that bore the brunt of tornado level winds and heavy downpours was from 26th to 38th street.

You can really see the wrath of the storm on West 36th street from Washington Avenue to Greengarden.  The trees that toppled in some cases were massive, crashing down on homes and cars.

One homeowner, who lived in the neighborhood for only a year, thankfully was not home when parts of a big tree in his front yard crashed down and ripped open the second floor of his house on the Eastside.

A resident on Washington avenue was watching TV when the home's air conditioner was literally sucked out into the street as the window blew in and shattered.

Erie Insurance helped Erie Code Enforcement Officers survey the damage Monday using a drone. It was a big time-saver as they helped to assess any roof or structural damage. Repairing and rebuilding for many families will take time.

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