Erie mayor Joe Sinnott reacted to the outcome of the the mayoral election, now that he knows who his successor will be. Sinnott said the race turned out as he expected, pretty close, but with democrat Joe Schember prevailing. He believes Sinnott will do a good job. "Well you know I think that Joe will be a good mayor," Sinnott said.  "I worked with Joe Schember when he was on city council, he's a good man, he's really interesting in helping the community and doing the right thing for the community and I'm really hopeful for his administration."

Mayor Sinnott knows that his own record took a pounding from both candidates who fought hard to succeed him.  "Election rhetoric is election rhetoric, candidates say what they think people want to hear," Sinnott said. He still feels confident that with no challenge for his seat in the last two terms, people were satisfied with what his administration accomplished.

Sinnott is proud of righting the city's financial ship, as the only Pennsylvania city that came up with its own recovery plan.  He said his only regrets are that Harrisburg moved too slowly on things that he and other mayors lobbied for to make things better for Pennsylvania cities.

After twelve years in office, the mayor is slowly taking home the many mementos from his office cabinets and getting files and data in order to transition to the next administration in January.  He plans to work hard up until that transition.  Beginning next year, he plans to take on a new challenge, though he's not ready to say exactly what that will be.  Smiling, Sinnott said, "I have a couple of months to decide still, I'm considering some options, but I will be doing something different come the beginning of January."  Sinnott said he expect to use his law degree and to stay in Erie.