Waldameer Amusement Park closed after Labor Day.

But while the visitors are gone, work continues to prepare for next year.

Crews are now finishing up their work on a major new adult slide in the water park.

It is called the Cannonbowl.

It is different from other slides because just before the splash pool, riders will spin around in an open bowl, a unique feature not seen in the other slides at the park.

Meantime, crews have also built the pad for the new Balloon Race ride.

The actual installation of the family rode is expected to start in March.

Off season improvements at Waldameer are expected to cost about $1.5 million.

The new attractions are just the latest in a series of improvements to the park in recent years.

Waldameer Vice-President of Operations Brian Gorman said, "We never stop. We want to have something fresh and new for returning guests and allow us to market and bring guests back to enjoy another summer."

Waldameer owners are already planning even more water park improvements for 2019.