ERIE, Pa. - People are still cleaning up, after a tornado touched down in Millcreek, and widespread flooding caused a lot of damage.

Businesses continue to help homeowners pick up the pieces, both inside and outside their homes.

The huge storm ripped through our area five days ago, but the cleanup is far from over.

Local tree service companies have been working around the clock.

Sunday's tornado ripped dozens of trees from their roots, knocking down massive trees, falling on top of homes and vehicles.

Jacob Thomas, and ISA Certified Arborist and President of J. Thomas Tree Service, says his 24-man crew has been working non-stop from call to to call, cleaning up trees, "Since Sunday night Monday morning, it's just been non-stop, sun up to sun down, four crews, three or four crews a day," said Thomas. 

Thomas, along with other local tree service companies, are trying to get to as many homes as possible, as quickly as they can, "It's countless at this point, my phone is continuously ringing and we're continuously trying to help as many people as possible but we can only do so much at the same time, but there are plenty of companies that are out here helping," said Thomas.

Thomas expects this kind of work to continue well into next week, perhaps even longer.

And employees with Erie Restoration Inc. are working overtime as well.

Erie News Now caught up with Erie Restoration crews at they worked to clean up a woman's home on Cumberland drive in Harborcreek. She had four feet of water in her home from Sunday's storm and lost a lot of her belongings.

Erie Restoration is called in to clean up emergencies like flood damage, sewer backups, or fire damage.

The company's President, Gary Oehling says they stopped counting the amount of calls they've received from this storm, "We quit counting at one hundred calls, so it's been pretty devastating, and it's throughout the county, we've seen a lot of water damage, a lot of wind damage, some collapsed basements also," said Oehling.

From Girard to Harborcreek, homeowners experienced different levels of floodwater damage, and they're all doing all they can to help as many people as possible, "We've got multiple crews working around the clock right now, since Sunday night, I know there were a couple of nights where some of the people maybe only got two hours of sleep, so it's been going non stop," said Oehling.

And Oehling says unfortunately, this wasn't the storm of the century, "This is kind of a replay on what we had on Father's day. It was Sunday evening and the storm started coming through and the calls followed soon afterward, so a lot of our customers unfortunately have been repeat customers," Oehling said.