A female kayaker wants to be the first ever to circumnavigate the Five Great Lakes by paddling her way around the waters. So far, she's already done that with the three largest lakes in North America

Traci Lynn Martin suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. She's also a registered nurse. She's been paddling in her kayak since March and covered more than 3500 miles. She has a message for people trying to overcome pain.

Martin says, "I want to try to be a role model and show people with chronic illnesses that even if it seems like life is just becoming really difficult and challenging to never give up on living and never give up on the things you love and to keep on continue doing the things that make life worth living." 

 Martin says her bold goal is a team effort has a great support system. If you want to support her, she encourages you to walk with her as she goes around Niagara River on November 18. It's 12 miles. 

Weather has been a factor during her time on the water, so you can watch for updates on Facebook, by typing her full name in: Traci Lynn Martin or go to her website: www.justaroundthepointe.com