Monday November 13th kicks off the nationwide collection effort for Operation Christmas Child.  Organizers are hoping you’ll help pitch in to fill up and drop off shoe boxes filled with supplies.

"It's really very simple.  It involves packing gift filled shoe boxes, and those are distributed by local churches in 100 different countries around the world, says Kathy Schriefer, area coordinator of Northwest Pennsylvania’s Operation Christmas Child.

"We're encouraging people all around our area to get a regular shoe box fill it with school supplies, hygiene items, some toy items, and bring it to one of our drop of locations so that you can help us get to 54,321, she says.

That goal is up 4,000 from last year, and will help children around the globe.

"Their own soap, all those things wouldn't be great for kids in our country, but in those countries, these little simple gifts really mean a lot.  A pencil may mean a child can go to school."

Even though the boxes aren't staying locally, you'll be able to track where they go if you print off a label online.

"When you make your shipping donation, that will be tracked, and you'll then be able to locate and know where your box went, Kathy explain.

If you don’t want to print off a label, Kathy does ask that you provide a small donation in the box to help cover shipping costs.

Drop off locations are throughout Erie, Warren, and Crawford counties.

For more information, click here.