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Official Vote County in Erie County Begins Today

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It’s not over until it’s over. That might be the case for the Erie County Executives races.

Incumbent Democrat Kathy Dahlkemper took the win on election night from her opponent Republican Art Oligeri. The candidates separated this morning by a few hundred votes.

The official vote count begins today. This final vote count is a way to make sure all votes are counted for and that results are correct. This is a standard procedure and is done for every election.

According to Erie County Clerk Doug Smith, on election night they are provided the unofficial count based on the voting machines.

Smith said the machines are accurate. If by chance there is a difference he said it usually means a voting machine wasn’t counted for.

He said that has been known to happen in previous elections.

“We haven't seen except probably with one case a race that turned on it, but it’s part of the reason why we do this audit, is to make that comparison and make sure all the votes are counted,” Smith said.

Officials are also going to hand count absentee ballots and any ballots that couldn't scan in the voting machines.

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