It's been just over a week since a tornado touched down in our area and now some are questioning the timing of the National Weather Service's Tornado Warning.

Many Erie residents say that by the time any warnings popped up, the storm had already gone through.

The tornado warnings you receive on your TV and on many smart phones are issued by the National Weather Service out of Cleveland.

According to the report, the tornado touched down about 6:05 p.m. Nov. 5th. However, the warning was not issued for the storm until after 6:30pm. Erie News Now called the National Weather Service in Cleveland and they say it's difficult to predict these types of storms in Erie due to the lack of radar. The radar scan comes from Cleveland and often times shoots right over the storm.

Meteorologist, Cory Mottice says they had their eye on another cell that showed very strong rotation in the Girard area which is what the warning was actually issued for. Mottice told Erie News Now, the cell that produced a tornado just looked like a shower on radar.

Many residents still felt caught off guard by the rare event.

"We didn't get a warning,” Millcreek resident, Dave Litz said.

“Usually if you see something on the news it says the potential for, and you kind of look at it and call the person who lives in that area and you tell them heads up, this just happened all at once,” Litz added.

The average warning time for a tornado is 13 minutes according to the National Weather Service.