There will not be a recount in the race for Erie County Executive.  The official vote tally was just completed and the margin of victory for incumbent democrat Kathy Dahlkemper stands at 304 votes more than republican challenger Art Oligeri. That's three votes different from the 307 margin in the unofficial count from election night.

Just before 1:00 this afternoon, Oligeri was calling the county executive to concede.  His campaign consultant Dennis Roddy confirmed that the candidate will not call for a recount.

The official vote count for the November 7 election in Erie County got underway at 9:00 a.m. at the Erie County Courthouse. Art Oligeri declined to concede the race on election night until the official count was certified. He said if the Dahlkemper win held up, he would graciously accept the voter's decision.

Voter registration went over every paper ballot and re-checked vote totals from the digital machines. "We have some absentee ballots that wouldn't go through our scanner, sometimes if they're wrinkled or ripped, the machine isn't able to scan them properly," said Doug Smith, "we also had some military ballots, some emergency absentees and 25 provisional ballots from Election Day."

The only other race close enough on election night to watch in the recount is the race for district judge in Harborcreek, where attorney Lisa Ferrick defeated Lawrence Park police officer Noble Brown by 104 votes. She picked up one more vote in the recount for a 105 vote victory.