A disagreement between Millcreek Township and Waldameer Park is coming to a close.  It's over the lack of landscaping at Waldameer's newest parking lot.  Both sides refused to budge, but now a compromise has been reached.

Erie News Now broke the story about the landscaping disagreement last August.  Back then, it looked like the dispute would never be settled. Waldameer's owner was calling it government infringement on a local business.

The massive parking lot, at West 6th and Peninsula Drive, was installed by Waldameer in 2015.  Two years later, Millcreek Township informed the park's owner Paul Nelson, that the project was not yet finished.  A township ordinance required 5% of the lot to include landscaping, and there was absolutely none.

Nelson said he spent $1 million on the parking lot, and placed a new sidewalk, trees, rocks, flowers, and shrubbery, on the outside.  He claimed the work done on the outside of the parking lot should more than make up for what was expected on the inside. Township supervisors stuck to their guns, and now a compromise has been reached.

Since the Waldameer lot was paved, the township adopted even stricter landscaping rules, requiring 1 tree for every 15 spaces. Waldameer only had to abide by the old ordinance. It just had to put in islands with some type of vegetation. Nelson has agreed to put in 16 trees, and the township is backing down on the 5% rule.

"Mr. Nelson has always been a great corporate citizen in Millcreek.  He's always gone above and beyond in developing his amenities in Erie County. We appreciate the work he does and we're really happy to be able to sit down with him and reach this kind of compromise which we feel is for the benefit of the community," said John Morgan, Millcreek Township Supervisor.

The newly landscaped parking lot is expected to be finished by May 1.